Purnima Venkatesh

Classical Indian Dance

I am, Purnima Venkatesh residing in Sarmenstorf with my husband since 2007, blessed with two children. Worked in specialized ink production for subeloxal aluminium printing for Algra tec in Merenschwand. Pursued Dance, collaborated with various dance groups in Zurich over 5 years, Performed at numerous shows and loves teaching and spreading the art form. At present, choreographing more for private and corporate events with international audience.

I wish to reach and spread the art form to the society.I am capable in undertaking dance workshops and tailored dance courses with to suit your individual capabilities, interest and talent, Theater recitals, and making simple choreographies for private or public events are also possible.

Indian classic dance forms the basis for various other dance forms.Typically, dramatic concepts of mythologies are handled yet with modern fit for theater and short story telling dance themes which enthrills perfect facial expressions along with adept hand gestures and perfect footwork Such an art form is a spiritual amalgamation process that trains to attain a perfect unison of body, mind and soul!